Members In Attendance

Melissa Christiansen
Amourette Bradley
Alanna Comer
Jennifer Jolley
Marilyn Williams

Date: February 13, 2020

Time: 6:00pm

Place:  Willow Canyon Conference Room

Time Keeper: Marilyn Williams

Note Taker: Alanna Comer


*Our LAND Trust is used to pay for Tier 2 aides (reading and math), and our enrichment aide.

*Each grade will be doing 5 minutes of phonemic awareness a day to help increase our reading benchmark scores

*RI scores increased from fall to winter

*Math Concepts and Applications as well as Math Computation: increased the number of students above benchmark and decreased the number of students below benchmark.

*Attendance: we have 7% severe, 15% off-track and 21% at-risk

*We want to continue to keep our reading, math and enrichment aides. We would like to pay for a second enrichment aide

*Extra money is rolled over into technology

*Reading Aides: training them through professional development to help increase their skills

Professional Development Information

*The building leadership team was trained on circles. These will start to be implemented in the classrooms next school year.

Safety Drills:

*We are up to date on our safety drills

Approval of Meeting Minutes:

Motioned by: Melissa Christiansen

Second by: Amourette Bradley