Willow Canyon School Community Council Minutes

Monday, November 15, 2021, at 6:30 pm

Attendees: Michelle Snarr (principal), Alanna Comer (teacher), Alicia Patrick, Courtnie Angeli, and Amourette Bradley

Not In Attendance: Delese Bettinson and Anna Hirschi

I. October’s SCC minutes

            A.  October minutes do not yet appear on the SCC webpage due to technical difficulty. Alana is contacting the website administrator in order to rectify the situation.

            B.  Minutes were emailed to SCC participants, read, and motioned to be approved by Alicia Patrick, seconded by Michelle Snarr, and unanimously approved. 

II. School Safety Plan

            A.  Traffic Control

  1. The road leading into the parent parking lot frequently becomes congested. Parents often try to create three lanes of traffic instead of two.

 2. The road cannot be widened to accommodate an extra lane; however, a plan                           to remove the large grass area in the parking lot is under consideration. 

 This plan will alleviate traffic congestion and offer water conservation.

3. The school intends to place tall cones in the road in the upcoming winter                                  months in order to increase traffic safety.

            B.  Playground

                        1. The old school playground presents a safety hazard. 

                        2. An updated school playground has been requested at the district level.

                        This would become completed in five to six years.

            C. Digital Citizenship

                 1. Internet safety remains a concern, especially when students are at home. Parents are encouraged to place internet controls on electronic devices and                                 monitor social media accounts.

2. The school monitors all internet usage, and the district maintains strict                                     internet search controls. Furthermore, the school continually discusses student internet safety and etiquette throughout the year. White Ribbon Week (January 24-28, 2022) reinforces internet safety and represents the combined efforts of the district and the local PTA. 

   D. Student Health

 1. Willow Canyon follows District, State, and CDC guidelines. 

 2. Covid

a. Willow Canyon is currently at a Tier 3 level of infection. 

  b. Information is sent regularly into the community to update families of the situation and to inform them of Covid clinics offering vaccination.

  3. RSV

 a. A large number of students are becoming infected with RSV.

 b. The school plans to send information into the community regarding                                          the increasing cases of RSV and to encourage families to implement health safety measures in order to minimize RSV.

Meeting adjourned at 7:52 pm with Alicia Patrick motioning to adjourn, Michelle Snarr seconding it, and the committee unanimously voting to adjourn.

The next SCC meeting will be held at 6:30 on January 10, 2022. Upcoming agenda items involve approving the November 15, 2021, minutes and reviewing SCC bylaws.